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Elmo64's YouTube channel profile picture.

Elmo64 is an indie game developer. His games are created with the Unity Engine and published in Game Jolt, a site that hosts video-games including Egglikes such as Scrib's Adventure by Scribdev. Elmo64 is best known for creating the Egglike Duki Nuki Foreba, an ironic parody of the game Duke Nukem: Forever. The game brought major notoriety to the creator after the streamers from the Vinesauce community Vinny and Joel played it.

In general, all of Elmo64's games have bad graphic-quality and also demonstrate low-quality regarding controls and manipulation of the protagonist. All of his games also make reference to memes and pop culture, especially in Meme War and the aforementioned Duki Nuki Foreba game. All of the games are shooters, but most of them don't even possess actual weapons to begin with (with the exception of First Person Shooters like Duki Nuki Foreba). For instance, in the shooter Ese Adventurs, the bullets (commonly manifested in the forms of yellow, oversized pills) originate from the protagonist itself, Ese.

The following is a list of games created by Elmo64:

  • Duki Nuki Foreba;
  • Cereal;
  • Ese Adventurs;
  • Ese Adventurs: Campein Edichion;
  • Grand Theft Ese;
  • Hunt Down Pedro's Account;
  • Meme War;
  • SCP:4076 Vsauce Michael;