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Holy Wood: The J. Goldblum Contingency Plan is an egglike computer game that was created by combatmurderduck. The game can be seen as a sequel to The Fantastic Game and Scrib's Adventure.

It was originally intended to be a large scale co-operative project between combatmurderduck, Runden (The creator of TFG:Remastered) and Scribdev (The creator of SA and the Quantum Series). The project got fairly far along involving many levels and a plan to incorporate many staple egglike creations and creatures as the antagonists of the game.


The plot of the game was that the Extra (the player character) was caught up in the invasion of the eggs while staying at a hotel in Holy Wood. Jeff Goldblum calls the player to task them with following his plan to get rid of the eggs. You travel to an army base in the jungle where the power of the golden eggs from Scrib's Adventure are being used to transport the player to the egglike realm. Once there the player would traverse corrupted and twisted versions of recognisable egglike game levels to find the source of the corruption. There were planned brief interludes where the player would return to the overworld with various stages of corruption.

The plot and level design was highly influenced by Half Life and Goldeneye for N64. An alien invasion is corrupting the world and you have to stop it with a variety of strange weapons.

Planned Levels[]

As the plot changed there were many variations of planned levels but the main list revolved around the following:

Overworld lightly corrupted stages - Train to jungle base where the player would be sent to.

Fantastic inspired level - Corrupted fields with deadly cubes and dolla mining operations.

Overworld more corrupted - Ending up in an egg temple.

Scrib's Adventure inspired level - Corrupted sky with deformed egg creatures and vicious parasitic "oblong" creatures

Overworld at maximum corruption - Corrupted crypt full of parasitic egglike creatures with a lovecraftian flare

Slav sim inspired level - Slums full of malformed slavs corrupted by the egglike parasites. Level would end with the player arriving at an army foothold in the area with a war frigate which was planned to travel to.

Fantabulous game inspired level - lovecraftian twist of the "Spherefriend fighty place" and the "fantabula" from the game resulting in the player falling into "The bottom zone"

The bottom zone - an original egglike level which would end with the player finding the source of the corruption.

What went wrong?[]

The scope of the game was huge, it would require a lot of time and work. The project was very ambitious and that was the death of it. Progress died down after a few months and development ground to a halt after around 20% of the game was completed. The game is lost to time and likely won't be appearing at all.