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Scrib's Adventure is a 3D exploration game developed by Scrib-dev. Just like many other egglike games, Scrib's adventure was made on the Unity Engine. It is a pretty recent egglike game, having its first version uploaded on October 14, 2016.What makes this egglike game different from the others of the genre is the number of paths players can take to reach the end, creating countless gameplay experience possibilities.

The game has its own "in-game currency", which is based on collectibles called "Golden Eggs" (there appears to be a total of 33 eggs). A certain amount of Golden Eggs are required to unlock portals which present a comparable purpose to the doors in The Fantastic Game since players must enter some of them to progress. Talking about The Fantastic Game, Scrib's Adventure makes numerous references to it and other egglike games. This becomes very explicit because, in one of the levels in the game, a copy of the first area of The Fantastic Game turned sideways and a bizarrely re-textured version of The Fantabula (Le Fantabulous Game) are seen and are both used as platforms. To access levels like this one, players will need to find and utilize portals. There are many types of portals, each one painted with its color, corresponding to its own function:

Blue portal: It is the most basic portal. It simply teleports the player to a specific world. Some of them are free to access whilst other ones might require a specific amount of Golden Eggs to be unlocked. Unlockable blue portals usually lead to quite different levels which consequently lead to the end. Sometimes, a few blue portals will only appear if the player access another type of portal like the purple or green ones.

Red portal: They work as "exits" from a previously interacted portal. These portals cannot be entered.

Yellow portal: They work as checkpoints which will function if a player gets close to one. Thus, whenever a player ends up dying by falling off the edge, it'll be teleported to the yellow portal instead of spawning at the start of the level. These portals cannot be found inside levels led by green or purple portals.

Green portal: Green portals lead players to a bonus stage. Said stages can be described as wacky environments, organized in a way that it works like a series of obstacle courses, and some of them are pretty hard to pass through. Inside these stages, players can find some Golden Eggs (whose acquirement is optional). To leave a bonus stage, there will be a blue portal at the end of it, generally skipping to anticipated stages. Some of these portals also need to be unlocked with Golden Eggs to be accessed.

Purple portal: The weirdest and rarest portals in the game. They can change the layout, texture, and even input portals into a world the player is in, not necessarily teleporting it to somewhere completely different. Some of them are pretty well-hidden, and those frequently teleports the player to a pretty suspicious place with no actual point of existence. According to the game, purple portals can even make the player "go back in time".

Here we have some images of the game for you to check out:


We've made a separate page describing every single world of Scrib's Adventure. This can be found here: Scrib's Adventure (worlds)


The Fantastic Game

  • Many references found in The Fantastic Game, such as Smash Mouth
  • Earthbound (music)
  • Snoopapotamus
  • Bill Cosby
  • Donkey Kong 64
    • Lanky Kong
    • "Ooh... EGG!"
  • Jon Arbuckle Dance
  • Moon Man (McDonalds' Mac Tonight)
  • A room at a building at the Spoop Prison showcases a series of remarkable paintings. Some of those paintings makes some references (in special, a picture of Vinny from Vinesauce, cheese memes,, and Kermit).