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The Brilliant Game is an egglike, and is among one of the most infamous in the community, due to it's overuse of memes, poor physics, and bad challenges. It was said that it was briefly played by Vinny of Vinesauce before denouncing it as trash. This game may have contributed to the initial fall of the egglike genre.


Unlike many other Egglikes, the game doesn't have an "accuracy", rather, it is a single, linear path that comprises the entirety of the game. Also, unlike most other egglikes, if you fall off the map or die, you must restart the entire game, which can be done by pressing G or (as the game ironically suggests) by pressing Alt+F4. An interesting feature is the player view model that is rather bizarre but theoretically similar to Le Fantabulous Game's view model.

The game starts in a replica of the Hyrule Castle stage from the Super Smash Brothers series of games. On the left, there's a sign from the developer that challenges you to find "Jackos". The game then drops you into some horribly textured Unity mountains. The area you are dropped into has a strangely textured staircase, a Windows 95/98 logo on a small hill and a bouncing soccer ball you can't move, but can stand on.

By going upstairs there is a suspiciously, non-interactive lewd-looking Yoshi sprite. followed by a yellow building using Unity's built-in cell shading. The yellow building contains a horrible platforming section that is perpetuated by the fiddly controls and three classic Bottom Text memes from the early 2010s that can be barely read because they got darkened by the terrible in-game lighting.


After exiting the yellow building there's a split in the path. The right one leads to a shameful rip of Fantasticaneer's Smash Mouth eggs from The Fantastic Game, and the other one contains a multicolored car that the player may need to dodge but most of the time the player will clip right through which leads to a direct reference to Darude Sandstorm with the existence of a platform textured with the album's art all around it. Following this, there's a spinning tube that originally doesn't do anything to the player, but can get it stuck if it gets to its center.

After that, the player will need to pass by a part of the track that has two, big bouncing soccer balls and a really big Vineshroom that doesn't do anything. This then leads to the infamous Spook maze which houses a skeleton cube moving quickly around the maze while playing a heavily "dopplered" version of the Spooky Scary Skeletons song,.and if it touches the player, it'll sent it to the "Death cube" and the player will have to restart.

The path continues with a segment that contains large presses that move up and down, which can also send the player to the "Death cube". The next section has Dr. Kawashima's disembodied head from Brain Training for the DS followed by another infamous and possibly controversial part of the game, the "Autism challenge" where many paths are offered and all but one will kill you, the correct one being the 5th path (from left to right).

After that, the player will walk on an invisible platform in a horribly made hall and will end up back into the tedious track, after being welcomed by the Windows 3.1 startup sound effect. By looking at the left, some pictures with Shish Kebab can be seen, each one with different versions of the song, and then all of them together, making a terrible mashup. By going forward, the player will then enter a replica of the yellow museum from The Fantastic Game full of memes (most of which were directly copied from the yellow building from the start of the game), and will leave it by going up a pink ramp.

The player will then undergo the most famous part of the game which is the part where Aladdin takes you on a carpet ride across the "amazing" Unity mountains. First, the player must wait for him to show up which can take some time (5 minutes, according to the game). This should be done in an orange spot located in an area that has a verbose version of the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme. After Aladdin finally arrives the player will then safely ride along but may fall down and die, so it is recommended to not move during it. Throughout the entire trip, Aladdin will repeatedly sing 1/3 of the song "Whole New World" from his Disney movie.

Aladdin will then put the player back on track in an area with snowmen with different sizes and poses that don't do anything, in which the player will then be forced to walk through. After that, the game presents a teleporter that will lead the player ahead of an area that, apparently, has a secret. It will teleport the player directly in front of a maze that has the same layout of the Spook Maze, making it, conceptually, a replica of the Windows 95 3D maze screensaver.

After leaving the maze, the player will then need to locate and enter an 8-star door from Super Mario 64 which will teleport it into a direct copy of the first area of the Princess Peach's Castle from the same game. It will need to pass through a glitched-texture area (which is where the 8-star door originally is) to be teleported to another layout copy of the place, but, this time, all of its walls share said texture, and the song is played over Mario's noises. Yet again, the player will need to pass through that area, which will now be filled with the texture of Donkey Kong's face. After touching it, the player will be teleported back on the linear track, but this time, the area is filled with the Donkey Kong texture, and there are some rapidly moving cubes with Joel (from Vinesauce)'s face repeatedly saying "Expand Dong" with the Doppler effect.

At last, the player will turn left and undergo the last area of the game before confronting what seems to be the first and only boss of the game. This area is an obstacle course that utilizes the same brown-yellow checkerboard texture from one of the first areas of the game. First, the player will need to enter the said building and go up a blue platform that keeps going up and down and jump at the right time to hold on to a gap and then get on of the sides of the obstacle course. It will then need to walk around the area and climb a little staircase to get to the very top of the building. There lies a big round stone that the player will need to touch to get to the boss.

Just like the first area of the game, the boss' arena is also a replica. It is an almost perfect copy of The Final Destination arena from Super Smash Bros Brawl, and said location is presented as the battlefield for the player to defeat a hilarious copy of the Master Hand, a very remarkable boss of the Super Smash Bros. Series. To defeat Master Hand, the player will need to stand on a space-textured platform that moves in a cyclic manner and jump from it to land on a red sphere that is implanted into the boss. However, that's not really an easy task. Although Master Hand is very easy to dodge, it won't stop moving, so the player must wait for it to get close while staying still on the platform to defeat it. Landing on the red sphere only once is enough to defeat the boss.

After all of that, the player is teleported to a room that looks pretty similar to the "Death Cube". In this room, the player is congratulated for finishing, and asks it to send an email to ComJay in the case of finding all 5 Jackos during the gameplay. Aside from that, a non-interactable copy of the player's view model is placed in the back of the room, and an orchestral version of Shish Kebab will start to play until the player decides to leave or restart the game.

This game is widely considered one of the worst egglikes design-wise. The creator himself has been rumored to have attempted to remove any reference to it from the internet, especially after Vinny's brief gameplay of it.


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