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The Fantastic Game is a 3D exploration game developed in the Unity Engine it was first released as version online in early 2012, as version 1.0. An updated version, called "FANTASTIC 1.FUN," was released shortly after, on September 23rd, 2012.[citation needed] It became apparent that the creator has abandoned the game, because it hasn't been updated since the second version, even though at the end of the game, he mentions that "fantastic 2.0 coming soon".

The Fantastic Game is the first ever created game that fits into the egglike genre.[citation needed] The term "egglike" was coined by YouTuber/Twitch streamer Vinny, owner and founder of Vinesauce. In the video, he states that the game is "egg-like", referring to the amount of weirdness contained within the game, taking as an example the big, white eggs seen near the corners of the first area of the game. The "-like" suffix can be traced back to the term "roguelike," a genre of video game that was having a resurgence in popularity at the time, with popular video games such as The Binding of Isaac, and later Nuclear Throne being staples of Vinesauce streams.

In the Fantastic Game, the player's mission is to find and collect Dollas, which serve a purpose similar to Super Mario 64's power stars or Banjo-Kazooie's Jiggies. Dollas are required to unlock and uncover normally inaccessible areas of the game, such as new areas and worlds. There are 16 obtainable Dollas in total, many of which can be found as a reward for solving platforming sections, at the end of long hallways, or through a hidden teleporter.

The Fantastic Game makes many references to obscure art, music, video games, and pop culture. This is one of the key defining qualities of the game genre that the Fantastic Game inevitably spawned, for better or for worse.


Satan's Anus[]

The Musical Stones[]

The Musical Stones are a set of 22 cylinder-shaped stone platforms located right in front of the spawn. Although they are put in two sets, they aren't exactly aligned. Stepping on one of these stones will produce a sound effect that sounds like an object hitting a frying pan. Even though the stones are placed in a linear order, the musical notes are completely disorganized.

In the FANTASTIC 1.FUN version, Fantasticaneer added a blue, smaller stone platform next to the musical stones. Unlike the other stones, this platform will repeatedly play an assortment of a specific musical note, then play an assortment of a different musical note, and so on. 7 musical notes can be heard during this process, and after the last assortment ends, the process is automatically repeated. Stepping on this stone again will stop it from emitting sound.

Seizure Tunnel[]

It's a tunnel located next to the spawn. This tunnel is slightly spinning in the counter-clockwise direction, and it's colored in a way that makes it look like it could give someone a seizure, hence why it's called "Seizure Tunnel". It's colored by two-color gradients, one of which is green and yellow, while the other one, red and blue. A bridge that shares the same texture easily leads the player out of the tunnel. Two dollas can be found near the tunnel, one of which is inside of it, and the other one, above it. This last dolla can only be collected through The Leap of Faith, which is from where the player can easily get above the tunnel.

Additionally, the music that plays inside the tunnel is a remix of the song "K.K. Jazz" from the videogame Animal Crossing. The music plays and loops itself until the player exits the tunnel.

Mahna Mahna Ledge[]

The Mahna Mahna Ledge is an overly long stone platform that is located on the left side of the first area of the game. The "Mahna Mahna" song from The Muppets will repeatedly play until the player reaches the very end of the platform or until it decides to leave the platform. Upon getting there, the game will tell the player that there's an invisible platform behind the Smash Mouth eggs and will present a floating and unreachable dolla behind the message.

If the player attempts to collect the floating dolla, it will fall and will be teleported to a dark room that houses a big blue eye, and a collectible dolla under it. In the room, the music from the Big Boo's Haunt level from Super Mario 64 will be playing. Both the eye and the music are references to the Nintendo game.

Although it's not possible to go into walls or any other structures, it is speculated that this dark room is entirely located inside the grass ramp that leads the player to the 5-dollaz room. This can be proven by the fact that the grassy-texture can be seen behind the black walls by checking the edges of the room, and the wall behind the eye is tilted, giving the impression that the room is internally shaped like an irregular triangular prism.

Screenshot of The Fantastic Orb room from the outside. It has been taken by Fantasticaneer himself.

Fantastic Orb room[]

Popularly known as Egginem, this GIF. archive is found inside The Fantastic Game

The Fantastic Orb room is a room that is textured with the classic stone texture present in various parts of the game. It features a purple semi-transparent door on one of its sides, a sign saying "Fantastic Orb" above it and some inclined platforms directly in front of it. These platforms are the start of the obstacle course that leads the player to the Pendulum/Expert Plungophone Player and said obstacle course is continued by blocks of stone that are stuck on the wall. There's a GIF of an apparently talking fried egg directly on top of the room, in which the eyes are yolks and the mouth is formed after a little gap that keeps rapidly opening and closing, making it look like if the egg is actually talking. Last but not least, a picture of the painting of Bomb-Omb Battlefield, the first level of Super Mario 64, can be found behind the room, and it will teleport the player to The Waluigi Tunnel and to The Restricted Door.

The Fantastic Orb itself is located at the very end of the Fantastic Orb room and is basically a white, floating shiny sphere that has fire on it. The fire doesn't seem to damage the object, nor the player. When getting close to the room, it is possible to hear the song "I Feel Fantastic" from Johnathan Coulton repeatedly playing, and the orb is the source of it. It is unknown if it's possible to stop the orb from emitting the song or manipulating the object itself in any form for that matter.

This picture serves as the file icon for The Fantastic Game and as the profile picture of Fantastcaneer's Tumblr account.

In the FANTASTIC 1.FUN version, the orb makes a second appearance in the Ending Room (For now), however, this time, no sound can be heard coming from it. Technically, the orb also makes an appearance as the file icon for the game, except it's colored pink. There are no more Fantastic Orb copies and/or variations in the game.

Smash Mouth Eggs[]

They're most likely the most remarkable aspect of The Fantastic Game. They are a group of 4 unnaturally big eggs located on the very edge of one of the corners of the first area of the game. Two of them are really big, one of them is medium-sized, and there's a smaller one. The fragment of the song "All Star" from Smash Mouth "So much to do, so much to see" keeps repeatedly playing once the player gets close to the eggs, hence why their name.

The Smash Mouth Eggs are a direct reference to an event that happened in 2011 where Steve Harwell, vocalist of the Smash Mouth band, was invited to an egg-eating competition alongside Guy Fieri. Lots of eggs were utilized to make an omelet for him, one that he ate while the All-Star song was playing in the background, and while a crowd of people was excitedly seeing him eat.

Dangerous Pit[]

The Dangerous Pit is apparently a square-shaped hole that resides near The Egg Table, and that was added in the FANTASTIC 1.FUN version. A white, weird sign next to it asks the player multiple times to not go into the hole, but if it manages to do so, the player will land on a dark area with the message: "GAME OVER: You're not human enough to be Marcos Lopez", a direct reference to the Game Over screen from the Wii game called "Marcos Lopez: Part II v0.01".

Under the text lies a message asking the player for what reason it jumped into the pit, and a part of the music from the 2006 YouTube video "I Want A Cookie" will play in a looped manner. Both the changed Field of View and the music will stop playing only if the player manually restarts the game.

Pendulum/Expert Plungophone Player area[]

The Pendulum/Expert Plungophone Player area is a floating platform that looks like a rectangular cloud placed right above the Smash Mouth eggs. The area is postponed to a small obstacle course that initially starts with some inclined platforms in front of the Fantastic Orb room. After finally finishing the obstacle course, the player will then be able to access the platform, one that can be accessed by "[...] pressing the 'P" key, near the 'O' key" through teleportation, as delightfully suggested by a message present in the area. The game rewards the player for successfully completing the obstacle course by inserting a dolla on the platform.

In the first version of the game, the original version of the song "Propane Nightmares" by the Australian band "Pendulum" plays until the player leaves the area. However, in the FANTASTIC 1.FUN version, the song was replaced by what seems to be a remix of it by an expert "plungophone" player simply because it might cause a copyright claim, probably to prevent video makers from receiving the problem in case they make a gameplay video of the game. The little jingle that plays when the player descends has also changed from the very last excerpt of the song to a "ta-da" sound effect.

It is good to note that the player doesn't necessarily need to complete the obstacle course to be able to teleport to the floating area. The technique of pressing "P" right after starting the game is very useful to speedrunners.

Yellow Museum[]

The Yellow Museum is yet another remarkable feature present in The Fantastic Game, probably even more remarkable than the Smash Mouth eggs. The Yellow Museum, as the name suggests, is a building composed of a yellow rectangular base that sustains two, big yellow triangles that serve as walls, and an extensive roof. There is a hole in the opposite side of the building which leads the player to an area between the Purple Art Museum and the corrupted location that leads to the Ending Room (For now) area. The player inevitably needs to go through a more simplistic obstacle course to get to said area, however, beating it might be a little difficult due to the game's physics.

10 images are presented to the player just after it enters the museum. All of them are either a reference to a meme, a game, a video, or any other type of media of the internet. From left to right, the images that exist in the museum are:

  • A taco inside a red bag of Doritos. The image is a reference to the Doritos Lacos Tacos, a meal served in the restaurant called Taco Bell in which the shell of the taco is made out of Doritos chips;
  • Nobody really knows the origin of this picture, and it's hard to describe what it is, but it seems to be a picture of a paled face of a woman;
  • A frame of the first episode of the first season of the classic cartoon The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat. The episode itself is 22 minutes and 15 seconds long and it's called "Guardian Idiot";
  • A frame of the WKUK-Saturday Night Live, a hilarious parody showing one of the fictional characters created based off of Adam Sandler. The parody is probably a reference to the fact that the actor plays all types of characters in his movies, and because people usually spell his name incorrectly. In the game, the fictional character that is referenced is Bergly Sanders, which is a meme itself, since, in the parody, it sounds like the narrator that introduces the characters said "Bernie Sanders" instead of "Bergly Sanders";
  • A screenshot of a mysterious cave from the LEGO Island game. In this game, the secret cave can only be accessed by interacting with a tree that is nearby. The cave itself apparently has a brown chest and a door that reveals a LEGO character dancing. Back when The Fantastic Game was made, this was a big mystery for the gaming community;
  • A direct reference to a very remarkable Easter Egg from the Game Boy Camera, a device created in 1998 which allowed the player to take monochromatic pictures. It was also possible to print said pictures onto adhesive paper and onto the in-game character's faces with a transfer pack that was coupled into the Nintendo 64 control. By pressing the "Run" button, it was possible to find five eerie faces that were followed by the sentence "Who are you running from?". In The Fantastic Game, the face that is referenced is the one of a man with a ripped face and a star on his forehead, pointing his finger to his mouth while making a somewhat creepy face;
  • A screenshot of the train from Happy Town, one of the many bizarre locations of LSD: Dream Emulator. This screenshot may imply that Fantasticaneer took some inspiration from that game to make his own or, considering LSD was made entirely based on dreams, it can even imply that the developer might have taken inspiration from a dream to create his game;

The Colorful Cubes[]

Bright Underpants[]

The Egg Table[]


The Restricted Door[]

The Waluigi Tunnel[]

The Three Eyed Chair[]

The Rainbow Cubes[]

The Purple Art Museum[]

The Blue Room[]

The Spinning Cube[]

Ending Room (For now)[]

The Leap of Faith[]


  • The infamous giant "Smash Mouth eggs," which are located in the first area of the game. When approached, the eggs will play a continuous loop of a short clip from the hit song "All Star" by Smash Mouth; specifically, the clip features the singer saying "so much to do; so much to see" on repeat. The song itself was prominently featured in the 2001 animated feature film Shrek, which has cemented it's meme status.[citation needed]
  • Waluigi is featured early on in the game.
  • Several references to Super Mario 64 appear, possibly as tributes to the game;
    • A painting of Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 appears and can be entered.
    • The eyeball in the dark room bears a striking resemblance to Mr. I.
    • The main objective of the game mirrors the "collect-a-thon" platforming genre that Super Mario 64 kick-started in the mid-1990s.
  • The song "Mahnna Mahnna" from the Muppet Show (also featured on Sesame Street) is featured in the game.
  • The "Dollaz" that the player collects are a reference to a YouTube video of the PC game Moonbase Alpha, wherein players make humorous comments using the game's built-in text-to-speech engine.[1]
  • In the fan remake, a monitor is present on the Sega Saturn Ledge that shows a screenshot of and plays music from Super Mario Land 2's Space Zone. The ledge also features a tree growing out of a Sega Saturn and a movable Sega Saturn physics object, which, like most objects you can interact with, exist differently from player to player while playing online.


  1. Moonbase Alpha YouTube video, containing the original dialog sampled when a Dolla is collected in The Fantastic Game.